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Catastrophic Personal Injury

Major injury cases, involving significant future treatment/Life Care Plan.

Medical Malpractice 

Health Law 

HIPAA, Business Associate Agreements, Telehealth, 

Physician Employment Contracts/Partnership Agreements

Workplace Disputes Involving Healthcare Providers

Chain of Command, Behavior Modification, Harassment, Interpersonal Relationship between providers, who need to work together cooperatively.

Other Cases With Underlying Medical Issues

Legal Malpractice, where underlying case is a Health Law or Medical-Legal Case

Probate Litigation where testamentary capacity is key issue. 

NextGen Mediation

Traditional Mediation takes place in an office with the parties in separate conference rooms. Sometimes, a party feels more comfortable participating in the mediation from their home or a party is physically unable to attend the mediation. If all parties are agreeable, Med-ADR offers on-line mediation via Zoom.

                               Half-Day                              Full-Day

                               Mediation                           Mediation

                               (4 hours)                             (8 hours)


Includes convening call,           $1,400.00                                                          $2,500.00           

up to 2 hours prep time

and follow-up.

For both the half-day and full-day mediation, additional time is billed at $350.00 per hour in half-hour increments. 

Administrative Fee:  Med-ADR's one-time per party Administrative Fee of $100.00 is assessed upon booking a mediation. 

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